View all 10 inch Total Length 4 inch Blade Length 5-2/5 inch Blade Length 60 HRC 60 HRC Hardness 8 2/5 inch 8 2/5 inch Length anniversary_gift Army_Knife Back File Work Bohler Bohler N690 Bushcraft Bushcraft Knife Bushcraft_knife bushcraft_knives camp_fire camp_knife Camper_Knife Camping Camping Knife Camping_Flint_Rod Camping_Knife chef_knife Christmas_Gift collectible_knife collectors_knife Custom_Knife custom_knives Customize_Knife customized_knife Cute_Knife damascus_knife deer_knife Deer_Skinner_Knife engraved_gift engraved_knife engraved_knives Fathers_Day_Gift FERRO_ROD Ferrocerium_Ferro FIRE_STARTER fishing_knife fixed blade camping knife fixed blade knife fixed blade knife with sheath Flint_Fire_Starter FUJI S O Full Back File Work full_tang_knife Gift for Him gift_for_boyfriend gift_for_brother gift_for_coworker Gift_for_Father Gift_For_Him gift_for_men gift_for_son golden Horn knife Groomsmen_Gift Groomsmen_Knife Gut_Hook_Knife handmade knife handmade_camping handmade_knife Handmade_knives High Speed Grinding hunt_knife hunter_knife Hunting Hunting Knife hunting_knife import_2022_03_05_200636 JAPANEESE KNIFE japanese_knife KIRIDASHI Knife Knife_for_Boyfriend Knife_for_Dad Knife_for_gift Knife_Gift knives Leather Sheath leather_knife_sheath Leather_Sheath Magnesium Fire Starter MAGNESIUM_FIRE Magnesium_Rod Mirror Surface 5000 missing-image N690 N690 4 mm Steel N690 Steel Olive Handle Olive Tree Wood Handle Olive_Handle Outdoor Adventure Outdoor_cooking outdoor_knife personalized_knife Plain 5000 Blade Edge razor sharp knife review-inventory review-pricing Rod_kits_lighterr Root of Olive Tree Scandi Grind Scandi Structure Scandi_Knife Scandi_Tactical Skinner Skinner Knife Skinner_Knife Skinning Knife Skinning_Knife Small_Knife Stainless_steel Steel_Knife Survival Survival_Knife tactical_knife Thanksgiving_Gift Walnut Handle Walnut_Handle Wedding_Gift WOOD CRAFT KNIFE WOOD CRAFTING woodcraft_knife

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